Hole Boring Tools

NEW One-piece BTC Reamer at top, hammer parts in the middle.

These tools are used to prepare the holes drilled into the ground for installing 2-inch Minirhizotron observation tubes. The BTC Final Sizing Reamer allows the plastic tubes to be pushed by hand into a precision hole without compression of the soil around the tube. This maximizes the quality of the soil / tube interface and prevents roots from turning away from the tube before coming into view. Designed as an accessory to the Boring probe, it enlarges the 2.125" hole left by the probe to 2.2 SQ". This matches precisely the outside diameter of the tube, ensuring a good interface with the soil. The Reamer is available with or without the Boring set.


This diagram shows the complete assembly of the boring set.

This frame holds the Reamer and Boring probe at a specific angle during the coring process. ensuring a constancy of angle for all tubes installed. The frame normally has angle adjustments for 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees, but other angle settings may be drilled as needed. Drawings are available to build your own. Simple welding and shop tooling required.